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Kiko’s Annunciation vs. a Novgorod School original from the 15th-16th century. An impressive and subtly subversive knock-off.

The Purpose of This Site

We are Roman Catholics and aim to love and commit ourselves to Jesus Christ and His Church in the best way possible. The same devotion to Jesus can be said, however, about our separated brethren in the Protestant denominations, the Lutherans, Evangelicals, Baptists, and even Mormons. There are countless outstanding fellow Christians in our circles and probably yours too; even…

Recent Posts

Ogni Qualvolta

[The following is an adapted translation of a recent article from Crux Sancta.] It never ceases to surprise me that the Neocatechumenal Way’s most important papers and documents are plagued with inaccuracies, mistakes, and gross errors. It cannot be coincidence, because chance does not exist for the believer, so something must intend to say and mean so much blunder. On…

Is My Priest a Neocat?

Discerning Catholics want to know: is my parish priest a Neocat? The priests of the Neocatechumenal Way function very similarly to priests of religious orders, in that their job assignments are not limited to the diocese (or even country) in which they are currently operating. A priest operating in the Archdiocese of Washington may be called away to serve a…

Sukkot and Seminaries: Father Castillo’s Story

In 2011, Fr. José Ángel Castillo, SS.CC. was appointed to be the spiritual director of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Galilee–part of the Neos’ Domus Galilaeae complex. Fr. Castillo is also part of the founding team of catechists that established the Way in Nicaragua and, according to Crux Sancta, is among Kiko’s “Seventy-Two.” This basically means that he is a…

Cardinal Pell & the Neocats

Cardinal George Pell will likely long be remembered as a hero among the more conservative circles of the Church. He was, as his friends at The Pillar stated, “a defender of orthodox Catholic doctrine and an articulate spokesman for the evangelical and social mission of the Church.” He attempted to tackle the apparent corruption of the Vatican’s finances. He endured…


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